Client: Motorola
Agency: VMLY&R
Production: Timber + Frame

VML and Moto came to us with a challenge. Moto had lost its relevance in the US phone market. To change the perception of living in the past, VML wanted to partner with one of the pioneers of graffiti Futura– and create 30 limited edition phones. They partnered with us to tell the story.

Futura had been filmed so many times we couldn’t count.
But the stories were all the same: brilliant, aloof, revolutionary.

We wanted to push past all that to reveal the man behind the myth. We found a sweet nostalgic artist who wonders about his relevance in a rapidly changing world. By spending time 1:1 cruising the subways of his youth, we were let into an inner world that Futura hadn’t revealed to the public.

We then paralleled his personal narrative of staying relevant in a changing world with Moto’s brand story.

Using the mini-documentary as the spearhead, hundreds lined up for a pop-up sale at a second-hand electronics store in Chinatown for the limited edition phone. Complete with Futura on hand to surprise eager fans.

Some of the most influential websites — The Banksy Forum, HighSnobiety, The Verge, Hypebeast, and more – made this edition even more desired.

The mini-documentary and the event garnered more than 30 global placements and 13.6MM impressions.