Client: L.L. Bean
Creative + Production: Timber + Frame

In the wake of BLM protests sweeping the country and leading up to the 2020 election, L.L. Bean wanted to put its support behind one of its most outspoken and inspiring athletes.

Mirna Valerio rose to viral stardom with her unapologetically body-positive social presence, BLM advocacy, and
career as a long-distance runner. But how do you convey a story true to her and a 100+-year-old family-owned brand?

Mirna had been featured in a lot of branded content
before, but never had any brand allowed her to express her
thoughts on being a black woman in an exceedingly 

white outdoor culture.

We went to meet Mirna where she is, with a diverse team
of filmmakers to work together to tell the story she most
wanted to tell, one that had never been uncovered before.

The film and its message of hope launched on election day, giving the brand a place at the table within a narrative that was engrossing the country.

It has gone on to be featured in film festivals around the world pairing L.L. Bean with a viral star and pushing audiences to reimagine them as a brand inclusive to all.